About Us

Central Trust Central Trust Co., Ltd. is one of the few financial institutions that have obtained trust license in Cambodia, and it is also the only Sino Cambodian joint venture trust company. The characteristics of Sino Cambodian cooperation enable Central Trust Co., Ltd. to absorb and learn from the advanced experience of China trust business and better serve the Cambodian market.

Since the establishment of Central Trust Co., Ltd., the trust business has been steadily developed in accordance with Cambodia national conditions, which has won the trust of the trustor and beneficiary. The trust plan has achieved a good balance of economic and social benefits, and has been actively recognized by all parties.

As a licensed institution, the Central Trust Co., Ltd. adheres to legal and compliant operation, and regards legality as the red line of operation. He is under the supervision and guidance of the Cambodian securities and Exchange Commission (SECC) and keeps in touch with SECC on trust development for a long time.