Urgent recruitment of the following positions:

Business Manager(0.8k-1k)

Job highlights:base salary + high commission

Job responsibilities:

1.  Responsible for the development and maintenance of real estate holding customers;

2.  Be responsible for the promotion and marketing of trust products,and do a good job in cusmomer coordination and feedback;

3.  Implement the company’s marketing strategy and complete the sales tasks of each stage customized by the company.

Job requirements:

1.  Good communication skills,English or Chinese communication skills are preferred;

2.  Sales experience,real estate related working experience is preferred;

3. Have good professional ethics,hardworking and dedicated dedication,and teamwork spirit;

Customer service front desk ($800 - $1000)

Job responsibilities:

1.  Responsible for front desk reception and visitor registration;

2.  Be responsible for sending and receiving express, and sorting out daily documents, contracts and customer files;

3.  Be responsible for answering the company's phone and solving customers' questions (if you can't answer customers' questions, transfer them to relevant departments in time);

4.  Regularly or irregularly visit customers to understand the maintenance of customer relations;

5. Collect customer comments and suggestions and feed them back to relevant departments.


1. Good Chinese communication skills;

2. Dignified appearance, strong sense of responsibility and initiative;

3. Strong sense of service, honest and trustworthy;

4. Have the willingness and ability to learn actively.

Product Manager/Product Director (salary negotiable)

Job highlights: Basic salary + commission

1. Mainly responsible for product design/planning/operation;

2. Familiar with cryptocurrency or family trust business, cooperate with the company to develop related products;

3. Be sensitive to the industry and understand the trend of product change;

4. Able to promote and introduce the company's products to customers independently.

Job requirements;

1. At least 2 years working experience in trust, fund, banking, marketing or other professional background is preferred;

2. Good communication skills in Chinese, preferably in Khmer or English;

3. Strong knowledge of finance and business, good professional ethics, hardworking and dedication;

1.  Good management and communication skills and teamwork spirit.

Business Director (salary negotiable)


Job highlights: base salary + commission.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Coordinate the development and maintenance of trust plan customers, operate independently and handle trust projects.

2. Coordinate the promotion and marketing of trust products and deal with customer feedback in time;

3. Formulate policies and marketing strategies corresponding to customers' financial needs;


Job requirements;

1. More than five years working experience in high-end customer resources, trust, fund, banking, marketing and other professional background is preferred;

2. Chinese communication skills, Khmer and English communication skills are preferred;

3. Have strong financial and business knowledge, good professional ethics and hard-working dedication;

4. Have management and communication skills and teamwork spirit.